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EMF Sources

Smart Alarm System
 Smart Homes  
Alexa, play country music. As convenient as devices like Alexa, Nest & Ring make our life, they produce high levels of harmful EMFs in a home. 
Smart Phone
 Mobile Phones 
Safe levels of wifi radiation for adults is 30 MicroWatt/m^2 (10 for kids). The average phone when in use produces testing measurements up to 2,000!
Working from Home
Like cell phones, PCs produce wifi radiation measurements in the 1,000-2,000+ range. This is why putting a laptop on your lap is a really bad idea.
Car Sound System
 Vehicle Exposure 
Between the entertainment console, onboard electronic systems, and the engine itself, the car produces high levels of EMFs, especially hybrid and electric vehicles.
Solar Panels on Roof
Solar Panels 
Solar panels, unfortunately, are one of the biggest sources of EMFs in the home. The conversion from DC to AC power creates voltage spikes that lead to high levels of dirty electricity.
Child on Tablet
Personal Devices 
Kids are made of 90% water, that makes them great absorbers of EMFs. Cell phones, tablets, wireless headphones and even baby monitors pose a potential serious threat to our kids!
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