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  • Certified EMF Specialist

  • BA in Business Economics from Brown University

  • MBA from UCLA

  • A ten year career in the investments and finance, working as a research and investment analyst.

 Jarrid Johnston  

Due to challenges with my own health many years ago, I found myself on a journey, researching ways to heal and protect the body from today’s toxins. I have come to realize that the increase in man-made technology is one of the biggest and most invisible toxins we as humans face today. 

First, and foremost, I am a husband and father, so I do everything I can to protect my family. I’ve spent years researching the topic of EMFs and learning strategies to mitigate its effects. I want my children to have as little EMF exposure, so their lives can be as optimal as possible, as well as my wife and I want to be around to enjoy them.


With this knowledge, I am so grateful to be able to help others regain their energy and health, increase productivity and live a life with less chronic pains and symptoms. I go out of my way to pack in everything I know into my EMF consulting services so you can get all of my strategies and access to the top products to protect yourself from dangers of EMF and accelerate your health and well being.

People who have worked with me have told me that my strategies have enabled them to achieve consistent energy throughout the day and better sleep at night while helping them maintain a sense of calmness while in their homes. ​

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