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This bundle can remediate an entire home (with a few exceptions listed and adressed below).



  *  Home Harmonizer

  *  Device Clip

  *  Better ZZZ's


Includes products to remediate everything coming from outside of the home (4G & 5G satellites & towers, neighbors' Wi-Fi's, Smart Meters, SCADA Poles, etc), "dirty electricity", plus something for one Wi-Fi router and one bed.


To remediate any strong Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices that you are close to or touching at times, please get the following products separately:  Cell Chip, Laptop Chips, and Device Clips (Device Clips are for Wi-Fi extrenders, Gaming Stations, Smart Speakers, Gaming Stations, Baby Monitors, & more).


**A 2nd Device Clip can be substituted for the Better ZZZ's dependening on the type of mattress one has on and how many strong devices are present in a home. Please write Option 2 in notes section if you want this combination.**

Home Bundle

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