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 Modern technologies are now bombarding us with more man-made electromagnetic radiation at high levels that people have never experienced until the last few years. This radiation is coming from: “Smart Meters”, WIFI, Cell Towers, SCADA Poles, high voltage power lines (above and below ground), transformers, cell phones, household electricity, electrical appliances, etc.
Family on Digital Tablet

If you’re interested in learning the secrets to protecting you and your family from the dangers of EMFs, without breaking the bank, with the least amount of changes to your lifestyle, you’re in the right place.

Sleeping Newborn

Dr. Jen, 45

 My biggest concern is for the health and welfare of my children and my patients. Jarrid helped harmonize my home and my office. I am so grateful.

Country House

  Marla, 47  

We recently purchased a home way too close to the power lines for my comfort. Jarrid ensured that our home  is as safe as it can be, considering. 

Happy Couple

  Steve, 38  

I was uncomfortable with our Smart Meter, after educating myself.  We used Jarrid’s services because we wanted the assistance of the best consultant. 

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